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Our mission is to make you the hero to your families while saving you time and helping you grow your business.

The Gather Why

Hear the story behind why Gather was founded and why we love funeral directors so much.

Live Stream Funerals With Gather

Increase value for the families you serve while increasing revenue for your funeral home with the funeral industry's only out-of-the box, all-in-one, push-button live streaming solution.

Reach More Families with Your New Wow Factor

Gather can help you grow your business and reach more families than ever with free marketing materials custom branded for your funeral home.

How Gather Helps Funeral Homes with Custom Marketing Tools

Gather's Product Marketing Manager, Jess, shows you how you can grow your business by using Gather! Gather’s Free Marketing Tools can help you beat the competition, win more calls, and build stronger relationships with the families you serve.

Hear How Gather Customers Use Live Streaming to Grow Their Business

See how Family First Funeral Home & Cremation Care, Memorial Funeral Home, and Gillies Funeral Chapel are using LiveStreaming to grow their business.

How Our Taskboards help Streamline the Aftercare Process

See how Gather Aftercare can help you help your families with everything on their plate without adding anything to yours.

Create Digital GPL's to Increase Contract Value

The first video in a three-part how-to series about Gather contracts. This first video will cover goods and services and your digital showroom.

The Big Benefits of Gathers Cloud-Based Software

Gather Chief Technology Officer, Paul Price, shares what it means to run business software in the cloud and some of the benefits of Gather's cloud-based software.

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