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Websites by Gather-- this changes everything.

We've completely reimagined what a funeral home website should look like by creating a superlative experience that families will cherish for generations to come. Gather offers a premium funeral home website solution that's customized for you.

You will love it as much as your families!

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Websites by Gather is the new industry standard.

What is it?

Websites by Gather is a first of its kind. A premium website solution, offering a comprehensive Case Management, LiveStream, and Website solution that was designed to be mobile first and optimized to look and function beautifully on any device.

Why does it matter?

We believe Funeral Homes AND family members should love their site. That’s why we reimagined what a funeral home website should look like. Families come to your site because of their loved one and now with Gather, they will get an experience that they will remember for generations to come.

How does it work?

Gather makes getting a new website simple, we migrate all of your existing website pages and information over for you and work with you to create a uniquely yours website that directly integrates with Gather’s Case Management solution; offering one-click publishing, integrated LiveStreaming, custom Remember Page, and more.

See for yourself.

Jenkins-Soffe Funeral Chapels and Cremation Center was one of the first funeral homes to optimize their business with a custom website by Gather.

View their website we built for them

Mobile Friendly Design

Websites by Gather are always custom made to look great on any device or browser your customers are using.

Ronald Tayler II Funeral Homes

Ronald Taylor Funeral Homes was one of the first funeral homes to optimize their business with a custom website by Gather.

View their site

Southern Utah Mortuary

Southern Utah Mortuary is a website we designed and developed to help keep them forward focused.

View their site

Benefits for your Funeral Home

SEO That Works

Search engine optimization is all about being visible online. Our team of experts help make it easier for search engines to find your website and place it in relevant search result, making it easier for families to find your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Facebook Chat Integration

Connect with your customers right from your website! Using our Facebook chat integration, customers can ask questions without ever leaving your site.

Facebook Chat Integration

Optimized for Speed

All websites that Gather builds are optimized for speed to ensure your visitors are getting to what they need, quickly. Images, photos, icons, fonts, and more are all run through an optimization tool and follow the highest standards of implementation to ensure that your website will perform at its fastest from any location, and from any device.

Mobile Friendly

More like mobile’s best friend. Our designers specifically design with mobile layout as their first consideration so your families can access your website from any device.

Unlimited edits, no coding required

When you sign up with Gather, you are assigned a dedicated Account Manager (some of whom are licensed funeral directors). If you need to make an edit to your site, you simply message your Account Manager and we will do that for you as quickly as possible.

Unlimited Edits

Custom Flower Store

Your brand new Gather website includes a beautiful, branded flower store that your families will love. Sell more flowers, make more commissions. No gimmicks, we simply send you a check in the mail.

Custom Flower Store

Offer Memorial Trees

Offer the eco-friendly option for families to plant memorial trees in honor of their loved ones. Through our partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, this new revenue stream is a low-maintenance and headache-free process for your business.

Custom Obituary Themes

Forget everything you know about funeral home obituary pages. Gather has completely reimagined the family experience. Each case can have a beautiful, custom theme that fits their personality. This isn't just a single image theme, this is a completely immersive and comprehensive theme that creates a one of a kind keepsake that your families will love.

Custom Themed Obituary Pages

Digital Guestbook

Families can now quickly and easily sign a digital guestbook, creating an active social community on each Remember page. Rather than the conversation happening on Facebook, your new Gather website brings that conversation into your site.

Digital Guestbook

Unique Digital Experience

What if your funeral home's digital experience matched the quality of their physical experience with your funeral home? With Gather, we've reinvented everything to create something truly unique. We've even reimagined something as simple as lighting a digital candle. It is something you have to see to believe.

Unique Digital Experience

Marketing Benefit

Families want to remember their loved ones and we've created the perfect opportunity for them to do so. These types of conversations and memory sharing have been happening on Facebook, but we believe they should be happening on your website. A new Gather website automates the creation of a multi-generational community with your funeral home at the center.

Marketing Benefit

Integrated LiveStreaming

Gather is the only website and case management solution with seamlessly integrated live streaming. With Gather, the live stream automatically gets recorded and added to the families Remember Page for you without you having to do a single thing.

Moderation Done For You

You have more important things to worry about than moderating content. Our team will review everything before it is visible to the public. This is one more thing Gather can take off your plate so you can focus more on what matters most-- helping families.

Moderation Done For You

Unlimited Photo Sharing

One thing families love the most about a Gather Remember page is the ability to gather all of their favorite photos in one secure place. We store and host the photos for your families so they can cherish them for years to come. This valuable service comes with each new Gather website.

One-Click Publishing

No more jumping back and forth between your case management solution and your website. With Gather, you simply click one button and your new obituary is published instantly. It is impossible for anything to be out of synch since it is all part of the same unified platform.

One-Click Publishing

Everyone's Favorite Memories, Together at Last

Whether they upload their favorite photos, light a candle, send flowers, or answer a question about their loved one, everything is perfectly tracked and preserved in a beautiful way that will create a unique social experience. Your families will love this as much as you!

Everyones favorite memories, together at last.

Customized in a Few Clicks

Each family is unique. With Gather, you can create a customized experience for each family in just a few clicks.

Customized in a few clicks.

Invest in your website to invest in your business

Our past clients have seen an increase in flower sales, repeat visitors and SEO success after getting a custom website by Gather.

Your Families

Gather Websites make you the hero to your families!

The Remember Page: An Obituary to Remember Forever

Existing funeral home obituary pages are broken and have not been innovated in a long time. We believe your families deserve better. Enter the Gather Remember page. The remember page is so much more than anything you've seen before. It give families the opportunity to build their loved one a beautiful tribute page that will live on forever-- you have to see it to believe it. And best of all, it makes you the hero.

Learn more about the remember page

Livestreamed memorial videos will exist on the remember page forever, giving families the opportunity to rewatch and cherish the memories they had honoring their loved one with your funeral home.

Reimagined Obit Slider

Obituaries are the number one driver of traffic on funeral home websites, so Gather has totally reimagined the way it is displayed, making it more personal for families. Your website can finally showcase how much you care about their loved one.

Click one of the examples below to see for yourself.

Above is an example of the reimagined obit display featuring demo obituaries created by us at Gather. Feel free to click on any of those cases to preview the digital obituary page. You can even contribute photos or memories to these pages to see the family's experience first hand.

Gather - Funeral Home Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few common questions we get. Prefer to reach out directly? We’d love to chat. Click the orange chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to start a conversation with our team.

Ask us Anything

What makes Gather websites unique?

Gather websites change everything. We create a unique and superlative experience for the families by providing a custom, beautiful “Remember” page that each family will cherish for generations. Families visit a funeral home website for one reason: their loved one. A Gather website creates an unfair competitive advantage for funeral homes by creating a one-of-a-kind experience for families.

Will my site look good on mobile?

Yes! We know how important it is for your funeral home to be accessible from anywhere and on any device. Websites by Gather is a premium website solution, offering a mobile-first website.

Is having a modern, innovative, and fresh website for my funeral home really that important in 2024?

A website is a window into your business and for some consumers it is the only exposure they will have with your funeral home. It is critical to make a good impression. Gather websites will help you stand apart from the competition.

Can Gather help my funeral homes win more calls?

Families are comparison shopping to find which funeral home they will work with. By showcasing that your funeral home offers the Gather experience, they will select your funeral home over the competition. We see this again and again with our customers.

Gather websites get a lot more traffic and contributions, how does this get moderated?

Helping families is more important than moderating contributions so we do this for you! When something is posted, it is visible to the person that posted it so that they know it was saved; however, their contribution will have a "Pending Approval" tag above it. Once our team approves the content, it is then visible to everyone else. Any content can be flagged as inappropriate. Your team will also have the ability to view any unmoderated content and you can also approve or deny it on your end.

What is the process for publishing a case to my Gather website?

This couldn't be easier-- you simply click a single button and it is live. You can then click the same button to unpublish it instantly.

What are the benefits of having Case Management, LiveStream, and Websites through Gather?

This is where the real magic happens. By having everything in a single, secure platform, you and your team will save countless hours and headaches. With a fully-integrated systems, it is impossible for anything to be out of synch. You will no longer have to log into a separate system to post your obituaries. With Gather, you simply click one button and it is published. If anything about the case changes (spelling, event dates and times, obituary edits, etc.), it will automatically update your website instantly. With Gather's integrated LiveStream solution, the video is automatically attached to the correct event and when you are done streaming, you simply click a button and your video is preserved on the page forever. We believe you should love your software. With Gather, we've spent years perfecting the experience so that each and every part of the platform works seamlessly together. Give us a call or chat to see for yourself.

How long will families use the Remember page?

A Gather website creates a digital keepsake that families will want to hold onto forever. Families can come back to the page any time to view the recorded livestream, view photos, relive memories, and much more. Each time they visit, they will remember the incredible service your funeral home provided. This is the best possible marketing for your funeral home and it gets compounded with each family you help.

Setting my business apart is important to me, will my website be unique to my funeral home?

Websites by Gather is a premium website solution. Our sites are not cookie-cutter and the websites we create are custom to each customer and their funeral home.

I thought Gather only did live streaming?

No! We are a one stop shop for funeral homes. We offer innovative case management as well as fully-integrated custom websites and we are adding new functionality every few weeks. We are the easy button for funeral homes.

What if a family wants to chat with us on our website?

No problem, we've got you covered. We make it easy for families to chat with you directly via your website. Since this is the preferred communication method for many families, you will have more conversations and be able to help more families.

What if I need to make an update to my Gather website once it launches?

We believe helping families is more important than learning to code. You simply chat with your Account Manager (via email, phone, or chat) and we will make the changes for you as soon as possible. Our Customer Support is incredible and we typically get back to you within a few seconds. Give it a try by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right of this screen.

Why is the family's experience better on a Gather website?

We've completely reimagined the typical funeral home obituary page. There hasn't been any innovation here for decades and we want to change that. Most obituary pages feel old and stale. A Gather obituary page, we call it the Remember Page, is a completely new and immersive experience for families. We create a social experience where families can share their favorite photos, sign a digital guestbook, share condolences, answer questions about their loved one, watch and rewatch the livestream, and view videos of their loved one. And best of all, we keep your funeral home at the center of that experience. It is a beautifully designed experience that we've spent years perfecting. You have to see it to believe it.

Do families really engage with this new experience?

100%. Familiies want to remember their loved ones and we've created the perfect opportunity for them to do so. These types of conversations and memory sharing have been happening on Facebook, but we believe they should be happening on your website. A new Gather website automates the creation of a multi-generational community with your funeral home at the center.

Can I still make money on flower sales?

Of course, we share the majority of flower sales directly with you. No gimmicks, we just send you a check for your portion. With each Gather website, we create a custom flower store that is branded for your funeral home. Visitors never have to leave the page and we've added some innovations to the experience that are unique to Gather. Give us a call or chat and we'd love to show you how it all works.

How much do we have to pay for all of the photos that are uploaded?

Nothing at all. We host and store all of the photos for you. Families love seeing all of the different photos that get shared by different people. And, not to worry, our team will moderate all of the photos before they are publicly visible to make sure nothing inappropriate gets posted.

What does the process look like to get started?

As with everything we do at Gather, we make it as simple as possible for you. Your dedicated Account Manager will meet briefly with you and a designer from our team. You tell us what you like, don't like and our brilliant design team will come up with some designs for you to review, once you like the direction, we will build it for you. We also migrate all of your old obituaries, including any photos or memories shared by family members over the years. Once you approve everything, we set it live!