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How Gather's Referral Program works

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Referral Program: FAQs

Who is eligible to start referring?
In order to be rewarded through Gather's referral program, you must be recognized as a current Gather customer.
Who receives the gift cards rewards from a referral to Gather?
The unique referrer who is responsible for the referred demo will earn the reward.
How do I ensure that I get credit for referral?
We recommend that you remind the person you referred to mention your name specifically when they book a demo with Gather, to verify that you get credit.
What should I do if my referral link isn’t working?
If your referral link isn't working, please chat in using the chat button in the bottom right, or email
Can my coworkers at the same funeral home also create a referral link?
Yes! However, their referral link will be unique and different to yours for tracking purposes.
Is there a limit to how much I can earn?
There is no limit on how much a referrer can earn. You earn a $25 gift card for each referral that completes a demo.
Can anyone join Gather's referral program?
To be eligible for our referral program you must be an existing Gather customer.
When will I get my $25 gift card rewards?
You can expect to receive your $25 gift card within 30 days after the reward is verified.
How does the quarterly $500 gift card drawing work?
1 referred (and completed demo) will earn you 1 entry into our quarterly drawing for a $500 gift card. The completed demo must fall within the same quarter to be entered for the drawing. If you win, you'll receive a notification email from our team.
What happens if 2 people refer the same funeral home or crematory?
Every referral link is unique, so we will ultimately assign credit to whoever the referral is specifically tracked back to.
Can I refer the same funeral home or crematory multiple times?
While you can encourage a friend or colleague to explore Gather as much as you'd like, you'll only be rewarded 1 gift card, regardless of how many demos that unique friend or colleague demos Gather from your link.

Referral Program: Terms and Conditions

A qualified referral is a death care professional who is genuinely interested in switching to Gather's funeral management platform, and attends a demo. The program is open to any person over the age of 18 who refers a qualified prospect to one of our product specialists.

Referrers will receive $25 for each successful, verifiable referred demo that is completed. For each verified referral, the referrer will receive 1 entry for the respective quarterly drawing. Gather reserves the right to discontinue or change the terms of the offer at any time, subject to applicable law. Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.