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Family Sues After Funeral Home Put Wrong Body in Mom’s Casket

“the woman in the casket was [someone else], but with [her] clothes.” The funeral home is facing a $50 million lawsuit.

Fox News

The attorney blamed the mix-up on systemic problem in the funeral business, saying there needs to be a procedure in place to identify people, just as newborns are given identification bracelets by hospitals.

KeepTrack™ can be exactly that for your Funeral Home business.

Family Alleging They Were Given the Wrong Ashes

“Now we're more distraught than ever because we will never know who was in this box...”

NBC Dallas Fort-Worth

“It’s like I’m living it all over again, and it’s the fact we’ll never have closure, we’ll never get the closure we need,” said [the family].

With Keeptrack™ you'll know exactly where bodies are and their step in the care process.

Family Sues Funeral Home for $50 Million Different Body Was Almost Buried in Their Mom's Casket

The funeral director [admitted]: The wrong person had been placed in the casket.

Today News

[The director] accounted for[...]the embalming process and the application of heavy mortuary makeup, fake hair and some kind of filler, such as Botox, for her late mom's "altered appearance,"...

With Keeptrack™ you can immediately verify bodies regardless of appearance changes.

Funeral Home Sued for $88M, Wrong Body Buried

"When I first walked in, I said, 'That's not Mom.' … He insisted that it was...”

CBS News

What was supposed to be a no more than 72-hour burial because of Muslim tradition turned into 22 days.

With KeepTrack™ you can be sure you are always handling the right body by scanning the tag and check thier history instantly.

Family Recieves Wrong Person’s Ashes After Mix Up at...Funeral Home

“This has impacted our family. We can’t sleep we can’t eat, we’re stuck in limbo”

Sacramento Bee

The other family tried to gather the ashes they scattered and returned them in a bag back to the family [...] in the returned ashes was dirt, bugs, weeds, pine needles and a live worm.

With KeepTrack™ every bodies' location is accounted for.




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Evelyn’s family recieves a unique Keepsake Medallion...

See how KeepTrack™ enhances your family experience.

Evelyn’s family recieves a unique Keepsake Medallion...

Trusted family members scan their medallion to follow along.

Gain the family’s trust

by showing that Evelyn is in good hands.

You can even specify which steps are shown to helpers.

Keep Evelyn’s family informed


Helpers can scan their medallion

to help out with family tasks.

Or view Evelyn’s belongings...

Or view Evelyn’s fingerpints...

The Family Medallion also links to a Permanent Remember Page.

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Build trust. Build a legacy.

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The QR Keepsake is the perfect way to remember their loved one (and the service your funeral home provided).

Hold Onto What Matters Most

The QR Keepsake is the perfect way to remember their loved one (and the service your funeral home provided).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing for funeral homes or crematories to get started with KeepTrack?
KeepTrack costs $100 per month, per location. Plastic cremation tags cost $4 per tag, and metal cremation tags cost $10 per tag.
Do I have to complete the KeepTrack Course before I can start using KeepTrack?
Yes – in order to begin using the KeepTrack system, you and your team will need to pass the course and earn your KeepTrack certification. For any questions or support within the course, please contact
What if the QR code on the tracking tag becomes damaged?
Every tracking tag comes with a unique 7-digit code as a backup if the QR code becomes damaged. This is also recorded in the system to help you quickly identify each decedent in your care.
Can I add a tracking tag to a pre-need case?
No. You must change the case type to At-Need first, and then initialize.
Can we opt out of providing updates to families if we choose to?
Yes! Family updates are completely optional and up to you and your staff.
Is KeepTrack nominated for any awards?
Yes! KeepTrack earned runner-up for NFDA’s 2022 Innovation Award, and earned first place for ICCFA’s 2023 Keeping It Personal Award.
Will KeepTrack tracking tags still work for oversized decedents with larger wrists or ankles?
Yes, if you go with the metal tags and bands. You can combine the bands that you receive with your tags and create a larger one for the deceased.
What’s the difference between requesting metal cremation tags versus plastic tracking tags?
Metal tags cost $10 per tag, and plastic tags cost $4 per tag. Either option is available to you with KeepTrack.

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