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You’ve worked hard to build your reputation. We help you protect it! Reduce the risk of body or belonging mix-ups in your chain of custody. Build more trust. Avoid costly mistakes.



See for yourself why KeepTrack™ is recognized as one of the best new industry products.

Who Is KeepTrack™ a Great Fit For?


Funeral Homes

Single Locations

Single Location





Pet Cremation

Pet Cremation

Trade Specialists

Trade Specialists

Mortuary Programs

Mortuary Programs


Terramation and
Aquamation Facilities

County Coroners

County Coroners

How KeepTrack™ Works For Your Team

  • Get Certified Get team access to our KeepTrack™ Course where you can get certified and earn a tracking badge to display on your website.
  • The Tracking Tags Use either plastic or metal tracking tags with a unique QR code to track every decedent and step.
  • The Tracking System Instantly see every activated tag in the system, track decedent locations in real-time, track belongings, all from first call to final disposition.
  • Premium Support Work with an account manager and enjoy live support 7 days a week for any help or training you need, at no extra cost.

Features of The KeepTrack™ System


Body Tracking & Cremation Tags

Tags can be stainless steel or plastic, the choice is yours. Each tag has a unique QR code and a seven-digit code that allows funeral directors and morticians to accurately track every decedent in their care.


Your Team’s Digital WhiteBoard

Initiate new cases after scanning each unique tracking tag. Track every decedent’s location and progress during care. Securely upload and store all documents for each case. Keep everyone up-to-date.


Location Tracker

Customize locations in your facility, and easily drag-and-drop every decedent from Cooler, to Prep Room, to Viewing Room, and more. All data is stored securely and safely for you to access forever.


Custom Workflows & Tasklists

Build custom workflows that align with your current processes and prevent body mix-ups at your facility.


Belonging & Thumbprint Tracking

Easily take pictures of belongings, upload them, and assign them to a unique case from your mobile device. Designate if they need to be returned. Save time and securely capture every decedent’s fingerprints.


Custom Requirements & Signatures

Create pre-requisites for any step to ensure perfect compliance and increase employee accountability by requiring a signature at each step.


Team Certification Course

Get everyone on your team KeepTrack™ certified with our quick and easy course. Earn more trust from your community and display your KeepTrack™ badge on all of your marketing materials.


Automated Family Updates

Eliminate extra phone calls by providing optional family updates. Gain trust by showing your families that their loved one is in good hands. You always have full control over what updates, if any, are shown to families.

Build More Credibility With Every Family You Serve

  • Optional Family Updates Customize and automate family updates during every decedent’s care if you’d prefer. This reduces extra calls for both families and your team, and offers more peace of mind that every loved one is in the best possible care.
  • Unique Remember Pages Create unique Remember Pages for every decedent, where families can upload unlimited photos, videos, and memories, as well as order flowers, see service details, preserve fingerprints, and collaborate on tasks such as writing the obituary. This truly creates for a smooth and personal experience for every family that you help.
  • Preserve Belongings Easily track every belonging, who it belongs to, and where the belonging needs to go after care is complete.

Why KeepTrack™ Exists? To Protect Your Reputation.

With our QR body tracking system, you become the hero for your business, your team, and the families you serve. Track with more accuracy. Prevent mistakes and lawsuits like these 3 case studies below.

Get More Sleep at Night With Your Digital WhiteBoard

Increase visibility for your entire team. Streamline communication from case to case. Create pre-requisite steps. Get more sleep at night knowing that you have the proper tracking system in place.

The Hype Around Gather is Real

With Gather, you become the hero for your business, your team, and the families you serve. Here are some quotes on what everyone has to say about Gather.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing for funeral homes or crematories to get started with KeepTrack™?
For KeepTrack™, you can opt for metal tracking tags or sticky label tags. If you opt for metal tags, the tracking software starts at $100 per month per location, and $10 per tracking tag. If you opt for the sticky labels and plastic tags, the software starts at $150 per month per location, but you aren't charged anything additional for the tracking labels.
Do I have to complete the KeepTrack™ Course before I can start using KeepTrack™?
Yes – in order to begin using the KeepTrack™ system, you and your team will need to pass the course and earn your KeepTrack™ certification. For any questions or support within the course, please contact
What if the QR code on the metal tracking tag becomes damaged?
Every tracking tag comes with a unique 7-digit code as a backup if the QR code becomes damaged. This is also recorded in the system to help you quickly identify each decedent in your care.
Can I add a tracking tag to a pre-need case?
No. You must change the case type to At-Need first, and then initialize.
Can we opt out of providing updates to families if we choose to?
Yes! Family updates are completely optional and up to you and your staff.
Is KeepTrack™ nominated for any awards?
Yes! KeepTrack™ earned runner-up for NFDA’s 2022 Innovation Award, and earned first place for ICCFA’s 2023 Keeping It Personal Award.
Will KeepTrack™ tracking tags still work for oversized decedents with larger wrists or ankles?
Yes, if you go with the metal tags and bands. You can combine the bands that you receive with your tags and create a larger one for the deceased.
What’s the difference between requesting metal cremation tags versus plastic tracking tags?
Metal tags are laser-etched metal tags that offer more durability, and they cost $10 per tag. Plastic tags require you to print sticky labels through the KeepTrack™ software, but don't have a cost per unit. Either option is available to you with KeepTrack™.
Does KeepTrack™ still work for me if I operate or manage multiple locations?
Yes! KeepTrack™ works fantastic for multi-location funeral homes or crematories. You can configure all locations into a single WhiteBoard so you know where every decedent is at in your care.
Are Remember Pages essentially digital obituary pages?
Yes, but even better than that. Remember Pages are incredibly interactive. Families can upload unlimited photos, memories, and much more. Plus, we moderate it all for you.
Am I still able to add custom notes to each decedent’s case in KeepTrack™?
Yes! You can add custom notes to any case that’s in the system when you use KeepTrack™.
Can KeepTrack™ integrate with my current case management software?
KeepTrack™ integrates directly into your case management platform as long as you use a Gather for case management. KeepTrack™ does not integrate with other platforms.
How long does it take for a funeral home or crematory to get started with KeepTrack™?
You can purchase KeepTrack™ same-day, earn access to the full certification course, and get fully onboarded in 1 week or less.
How much is a funeral home or crematory sued on average for a body or identity mix-up?
In our research (sample size of 50 lawsuits related related to body or belonging mix-ups, funeral homes are sued or fined for $4 million on average.

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