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KeepTrack™ is the next generation of QR body tracking, offering a proprietary two-part system to give you and the families you serve peace of mind. Part one is a strong, durable, and fireproof QR code to protect your funeral home’s reputation, and part two is a keepsake medallion that the family can use to keep track of their loved one’s arrangement progress giving them peace of mind.

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Patent Pending

We believe in the unique quality and design of this service enough to get it patented. We are proud to provide you and the families you serve with an experience no one else in the industry can match, winning you more business and giving you an advantage over your competition.

Protect Your Reputation

Made Simple

QR Tracker

Simplicity Leads to Accuracy

Secure Practice

The Most Secure Practice in the Funeral Industry

Provide everyone in your organization with the ability to track the care process from the moment a decedent enters your care through to final disposition.

Check in Every Step of the Way

The next generation of QR body tracking, KeepTrackTM offers a secure, configurable, step-by-step monitoring system that keeps track of chain of custody effortlessly using a mobile phone.


14 Inch Durable Band

Included with every QR Tracker. Designed to prevent liability and give you peace of mind.


Fireproof Material

Allows for a dynamic tracking system compatible with cases ranging from direct cremation all the way up to a full traditional burial.


Magnetic Metal

Magnetized metal attracts to the walls of cremation chambers for easy retrieval afterwards.


Laser Etched

Each Tracker has a unique laser-etched QR code as well as a corresponding 6 digit code which is readable even after cremation.

Build Your Reputation

Priceless Peace of Mind

Digital Keepsake Medallion

Keep Your Families Informed


Give the Families You Serve Something to Hold Onto

Each family receives a scannable Digital Keepsake that they can use to keep track of arrangement progress, help complete tasks, and view their loved one's permanent memorial page.


The Family Stays Informed

Reassure families that their loved one is in great hands by providing updates throughout the care process. Families will only be alerted to certain details that they care most about.


Hold Onto What Matters Most

Dynamically designed, the Keepsake Medallion is a great edition to your catalog and integrates beautifully with the family merchandise you already offer. The QR Keepsake is the perfect way to remember their loved one (and to remember the service your funeral home provided).

There are numerous ways to display and use the QR Keepsake and we've optimized it's shape and material to allow families to decide for themselves.

Let Us Do the Marketing for You

When you sign up with Gather, our team designs a custom personalized marketing graphic to help you let the families you serve know you offer the funeral industries most secure software ever introduced. This can be posted on your social media, displayed in office or shared via email. Customers with Gather Websites will have the option for a more advanced and interactive advertisment integrated on their site.

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Gather has a team of customer success representatives ready to train you and your team on integrating this product into your business.

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Did We Mention?

KeepTrack™ is perfectly integrated with the rest of the Gather suite of products. But if KeepTrack™ is the only Gather Product your funeral home uses it’ll work just as well.

Invest in Peace of Mind

Protect your families and protect yourself.

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