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How to Use Remember Pages Within Gather

The Gather Remember page is a digital keepsake that your families will hold onto forever. And now it is even better. We've redesigned the entire page and added functionality that is 100% unique to Gather, which will help you stand out even more from the competition. Memory Prompts Create a bigger community Moderation Simplified Digital Guest Book Light a Candle Themes Featured Events Flower Memories Custom Memory Wall All of these fantastic new features combine to create a digital keepsake that will be cherished for years to come by your families. These Remember pages create a branding experience unlike anything available today. Without adding any work to your plate, you will now be able to automatically compound your marketing value each day with each case.

Give Families More With Unique Remember Pages

Use Gather's Remember pages to increase value for the families you serve by showcasing the special service and offering they receive when they select your funeral home.

New Look at Gather's Death Certificate Feature

You will now notice some awesome improvements as you're working on the Death Certificate task for a new case including, simpler navigation, at-need and pre-need versions for vitals, new intuitive scrolling, and director view vs. family view.

How The Death Certificate Process Is Simplified With Gather

See Gather’s innovative approach to collecting vitals straight from the developer who built it.

How The Rolodex Feature Works In Gather

Funeral directors will now have access to all their connections and contacts in one easy-to-use, searchable interface that is available everywhere throughout the Gather platform and on any device.

How Gather Integrates With Messenger

Introducing Gather + Messenger - Gather's integration with Messenger allows information to be collected seamlessly via Gather and then effortlessly pushed to Messenger, saving you time by eliminating duplicate data entry.

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