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Introducing Instant Live Streaming

Live Streaming and Recording Funerals has never been more important. Gather has built the perfect solution. 

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The funeral industry’s only out-of-the-box, all-in-one, push-button live streaming solution.

This Changes Everything

Funeral homes across the nation are scrambling to deal with the impact of COVID-19 and one of those challenges is finding a quick and simple solution to live streaming and recording funeral services. 

Funeral homes are running into the following problem with the old approach:

  • It takes too long to implement
  • It costs too much
  • It is too complex
  • It is a hassle to manage
  • It only works in a single location
  • It doesn’t integrate with your case management
  • YouTube & Facebook are automatically shutting down livestreams because of music licensing

Gather’s integrated approach is the most innovative on the market as it fixes each of these problems. 

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Here’s how it works

Step 1

We Send You a Box ASAP

We configure your camera, adjust the settings, setup your camera’s wifi, and even charge the battery for you so you can focus on more important things.

What’s included in the box…

Step 2

Our Team Trains Your Team

There isn’t much training since we’ve made it so simple, but we will walk you through everything you need to begin streaming. We will help you create your first test case and will be here to answer any questions whenever you need us.

Step 3

Push Button, Start Streaming

Simply click the button on the back of your camera to begin a live stream. The camera is programmed to tie directly to the correct funeral service. The stream will show up on a dedicated page for your families to view and share instantly. We will even record the live stream automatically for you.

Simplicity at Every Step

At Gather, we believe that simpler is better. You went to school to be a funeral director, not a videographer and families need directors now more than ever. Our team has wrestled with all of the complexity for you so you can focus on helping families.  

Why Gather is Better

Advanced Camera

Our integrated camera has been engineered for superior performance with the latest wireless technology and solid dual antennas to improve data transmission speed and reduce network interference. 

Superior Quality

Take your live streaming to the next levelWith a 76º all-glass lens and Sony® 4K / 12MP CMOS sensor, you can create an incredible viewing experience that your families will enjoy for years to come.

Controlled with iPad

Each kit comes with a brand new iPad that is configured to control the camera. You can zoom in, pan, start and stop the stream and much more. We even send an iPad case and a swivel that connects to the stand.

Stream Anywhere

You are no longer confined to one room. With Gather’s wireless solution, you can record from the cemetery, another chapel or anywhere else.  Set up takes just a few minutes and you simply click a button when you’re ready to stream. Your families will love this.

Attach to Any Event

With Gather, you can create a live stream for any event. Simply click a toggle and we will automatically set up a live stream page for that event. When you are ready, simply click a button to start the stream.

Share Instantly

With Gather, you and your families can instantly share the link to the live stream on any popular social platform or choose to share only with specific friends via text, email, or facebook.

You Get the Credit

The only ad that will show up will be your logo at the top of page and a message letting everyone know that you provided this service to the family.

Include with Obituary

With the click of a button, you can effortlessly include a link to the bottom of the obituary, which will direct friends and family to a funeral home branded page where we will host the live stream for you. 

Automatic Playback 

You have enough on your plate already. With Gather, the livestream automatically gets recorded and added to the families Memory page for you without you having to do a single thing.

GPL Integration

With Gather’s digital showroom functionality, you can easily inform families that you offer this valuable service and then with the click of a button, you can add it directly to your contract at the price you determine. Live streaming with Gather will increase your profit per case while also making you look like the hero. 

“Gather is a complete software. There hasn’t been one time where I wished I would’ve picked someone else — I’m very glad we went with Gather.”

Tytus Cornejo, Owner at Cornejo Day Funeral Home

Help More Families

Unlimited Support

We believe you have more important things to focus on, which is why our amazing team is always here for you, no matter what you need.

Unlimited Training

We will take the time to train your whole team from the beginning, and if you still need a little extra help, we are happy to provide extra guidance.

Stream Your Next Service

Give us a call at (888)492-2697 or simply click the blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to start a conversation with our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions we get. If you prefer to reach out directly, we’d love to chat. Simply click the blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to start a conversation with our team.

Can you record the live stream?

Yes, we will automatically record the live stream for you. Once the live stream has finished, you will see a message that says the recording is being created. Once complete, the recording will automatically be displayed for those who wish to view it.

Will there be ads in or around the livestream?

Definitely not. We think the services of the family are sacred and should not be cheapened by distracting ads. In fact, the only logo family and friends will see will be your funeral home logo and a message saying you provided the streaming service.

What if I am not good with technology?

No worries, our team has you covered. We’ve spent countless hours making Gather as easy-to-use as possible and we also provide world-class training and support at all stages of the process. Our funeral home partners are continually surprised by how quickly their teams are up and running with Gather.

Does this tie into case management?

Of course! You have the choice to use just LiveStreaming or use both LiveStreaming and Case Management. This is one of the things that makes live streaming with Gather so easy and seamless. Gather is a complete collaborative case management solution and live streaming is built right into our existing platform. You no longer have to worry about the hassle and headache of getting multiple systems to talk to each other. Gather was designed and built from the ground up to make your life easier. You can bundle LiveStreaming with Case Management or you can simply use LiveStreaming without Case Management. 

How do we get the word out about the live stream?

We made this as easy as possible. We automatically create and host a simple and beautiful page dedicated to each family you are working with. From this page, you can easily share the link with anyone via social media by simply clicking a few buttons. We also made it easy to share with specific friends via facebook, text messaging, and email. You can also include the link in your obituary with a single click.

What makes Gather different from other providers?

There are quite a few differences, but here are just a few. Simplicity: We’ve made live streaming with Gather as simple as possible. You click a single button to begin and your stream is automatically attached to the correct event for you. Speed: As soon as you sign up, we’ll put a box in the mail and you will be streaming your next service. Cost: Other solutions require you to pay $5,000 or more just to set up your system. With Gather, you pay a small up-front fee to purchase your camera, a 10+ hour battery, a camera stand, and a custom carrying case. This one-time fee also includes unlimited training and support. Mobility: With Gather, you can live stream in HD from anywhere. Integration: Gather is the only case management solution with a seamlessly integrated live streaming solution. 

Can everyone in the family view the stream?

Yes. Unlike Facebook Live, which requires you to have a facebook account, Gather’s solution can be viewed by each member of the family directly on a funeral home branded website that we host and maintain for you.

What about music licensing problems?

Many funeral homes have had their live stream shut down by Facebook or YouTube because the music used in the service was flagged as copyright infringement by their algorithms. With Gather, we process and host all of the streaming so we can protect you and your families from this unfortunate experience.

Can I stream multiple events for a single case?

Yes. This is one of the many benefits of live streaming with Gather. You are no longer confined to one room and can stream ALL of the services for your families. You can easily collapse and transport the Gather camera system for easy setup anywhere and all of your live streams will appear on a single dedicated page for your families to view live or at any time in the future. 

How many users can view a live stream?

As many as you like. 

Stream your next service

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