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We didn’t know it at the time, but our team has been racing around the clock for 7 years to build the perfect solution for funeral homes to navigate the difficult situation caused by COVID-19. “

“We love funeral directors and believe the work you do is more important than ever before and it is critical that you have the right technology. Gather is the perfect tool to help you, your team, and your families during this unprecedented time. Give us a call to learn more

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 Top 11 Ways Gather helps Funeral Homes during the COVID-19 pandemic


Live Streaming

With Gather, you can live stream any event from anywhere with one click using a state-of-the-art portable camera system that is fully integrated into Gather– it is truly magic. Give us a call and we can have you streaming your next service in HD with the click of a button.

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With Gather, you can automatically fill in all of YOUR forms from anywhere on any device, saving you a few hundred extra trips to the office.



Minimize contact with families by allowing everyone to quickly and easily sign all forms, contracts, and documents electronically from any device.


Customized Digital Showroom

With Gather, you can easily showcase ALL of your products and services from any device, allowing you to conduct remote arrangement conferences that keep you in the driver’s seat as families make important decisions. 


Collect Payment Remotely

Gather allows you to easily request and collect payment with the click of a button, keeping you, your team, and your families a little safer. 


Your Team App

We create a custom app that each member of the team uses to stay perfectly organized. With Gather, each case has a customizable checklist allowing everyone to coordinate important details from anywhere using any device. 


Organize Everyone's Calendars

With many people being forced to work from home, coordinating schedules becomes even more important. With Gather, each event is automatically synced to everyone’s phone so nothing is missed.


An App For Your Families

Interacting with families has become increasingly difficult during this time, but with Gather you can collaborate effortlessly with your families on all important details, including the collection of vitals, obituary, service details, etc.


Instant Access, Any Device

Gather was built from the ground up to work perfectly on any device. We’ve spent countless hours refining and perfecting Gather’s mobile experience so you can truly work from anywhere. You can now pull up all of your case files right on your phone!


Automatic AfterCare

Meeting in person with families for aftercare follow up can now be a challenge. With Gather’s automated aftercare tasks, you can help families even more without adding more to your plate. Help families feel comfort during this difficult time by helping them with everything on their list.



Flowers + Cards

Family members may not be able to see the flowers in person. With Gather, you can quickly take pictures of all the flowers and cards for the family to see and cherish.

Help More Families

Seeing is believing.

We can’t wait to show you all the ways Gather can help during these difficult times.

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