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Our mission is to make you the hero to your families while saving you time and helping you grow your business.

See Our Case Management Dashboard in Action

Customer Success team member, AJ, takes us through a quick overview demo of the Gather dashboard.

Organizing By Case Type in Gather

Gather Account Manager, Sarah, introduces how to optimize your dashboard by using different case types within Gather.

How to Organize Your Work in Gather's Task Manager

See how easy it is to keep every task, every team member, and every case perfectly organized.

See Our AutoForms Feature In Action

Save time and improve accuracy by autofilling and eSigning YOUR documents in just a few clicks.

How You Can Create Custom Contracts in Gather

The second video in a three-part how-to series about Gather contracts. This second video will cover the contract itself and how to use the Gather contract builder to create custom contracts.

How The Death Certificate Process Is Simplified With Gather

See Gather’s innovative approach to collecting vitals straight from the developer who built it.

How Our Taskboards Help Streamline The Aftercare Process

See how Gather Aftercare can help you help your families with everything on their plate without adding anything to yours.

How to Add Notes to Each Case in Gather

Our mission is to make you the hero to your families while saving you time and helping you grow your business.

Add Events to Your Calendar Within Gather

Gather built the calendar function and integrations so that funeral home staff could seamlessly schedule all event types, stay organized, ensure there are no overlapping events, and so that all cases have their events scheduled so that nothing is slipping through the cracks.

How to Collaborate With Your Families Using Gather

Curtis, a licensed director at Gather, explains why your families will love Gather as much as you!

Easily Find Any Case Using Our Search Feature

See how Gather's powerful search feature allows you access to the exact information you need everywhere throughout the Gather platform and on any device.

How The Rolodex Feature Works in Gather

Funeral directors will now have access to all their connections and contacts in one easy-to-use, searchable interface that is available everywhere throughout the Gather platform and on any device.

Swap Between Family and Director View in Gather

See how you can easily change what information is visible within Gather. Gather Account Executive, Curtis, takes us through "Family View" and "Director View" within the Gather platform.

Customize Service Details Within Gather

See how these features for "Task Lists" help you keep track of your service details and other information like casket bearers within Gather.

Upload Flower and Card Photos in Gather

See how Gather's Flowers and Cards feature allows you to easily take and upload photos of flowers and their accompanying cards that have arrived at a service.

How Gather Integrates With Messenger

Introducing Gather + Messenger - Gather's integration with Messenger allows information to be collected seamlessly via Gather and then effortlessly pushed to Messenger, saving you time by eliminating duplicate data entry.

How to Prioritize Cases in Gather Using Our Archive Feature

Everything we build is based on feedback from funeral directors! As requested, you can now Archive cases that are complete so that you and your team can focus on the most important items more easily.

Is Gather's Platform Secure and Reliable?

Gather founder and CEO, Zach, discusses custom security settings within Gather for your funeral home team and the families you serve.

How to Manage Roles and Permissions in Gather

See how you can get the most use out of Gather with custom security and permissions.

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