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The Future of Funeral Home Software

Gather is a funeral home software solution that enables the funeral home and the family to begin the collaboration and mourning process at the same time. With a completely custom online app, you can access your account on a desktop or mobile device to complete tasks and manage your information securely and efficiently, from anywhere and any time. We help you help them by: going above and beyond for your families during their difficult time, making you stand out from the competition, advancing your funeral home with innovative features, and allowing you to grow your business and save money simultaneously.

We are passionate about the service we provide, and we’re here to reinvent the funeral home industry and the way we remember our loved ones. Are you ready to be their Hero?

The Gather Difference

Software should work as hard as you do, not make you work harder. 

Full Case Management

Once you see Gather for the first time, you will wonder how you lived without it. Case management can be hard, Gather makes it much easier.

Keep your team organized

From custom task lists to a fully integrated calendar system, your team will never be more organized.

Powerful Simplicity

At Gather, we believe in simplicity. We’ve spent years working around the clock building and perfecting a product that will bring you joy every day. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Your Funeral Home Now has an App!

Everything you need to know is now available at all times right from the comfort of your home screen.

Truly Unlimited Customer Support

Our dedicated and cheerful team is always here to help no matter what. Don’t believe us, click the chat icon at the bottom of the screen to test us out!

Our Features

The Future is Now

Families are changing and expecting technology to help make their lives easier. Funeral Directors are invaluable in helping people through life’s most difficult moments and Gather provides you with the industry-leading tools and technology that will help you help even more families.  

This changes everything…

Automated After-Care

What if you could help your families with everything on their plate without adding anything to yours? It might seem impossible, but trust us, you’re going to want to see this. You might even love this more than your families will.  

Freeze CreditPrevent identity theft in a few easy steps

Online Accounts: Help families close eveything from Amazon to Netflix

Find Unclaimed PropertyClaiming is quick, easy and always free

Social MediaEasily close each of social account in a few seconds.

Phone ServiceSave money by quickly closing accounts

Find Life Insurance: Automatically search 500 life insurance companies.

We want you to get credit for this additional service so we put together this video that you can use to show families how your funeral home is different.   

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

The families who use Gather are very pleased with it. It helps us all to keep in contact and on the same task.

I appreciate all of you and your work at Gather!

Funeral Home Owner

I can’t believe how simple and easy to use this is.

Funeral Home Owner

I have been searching for something like this for four years and have not been able to find anything that does everything Gather does.

Funeral Home Manager

This is super simple and intuitive, and that’s how funeral software needs to be.

Funeral Home Owner

This is making my life so much easier! Having one place to look is so much better.

Funeral Director

This is the exact direction that the industry is going. If I were to design a system, this is exactly what I would envision. This is impressive. You have something amazing here.

Funeral Home General Manager

This was huge for this family. Keep up the good work.

Funeral Director

I am certain this is the up and coming company in the industry. Good job guys.

Funeral Home Manager

This is the future of the Arrangement process.

Funeral Home Owner

I can see this being the future, it’s being made for every funeral home… large or small

Funeral Home Owner

This is going to be the best thing ever.

Funeral Home Owner

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Seeing is believing and we’d love to show you what everyone is so excited about.