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In addition to information about the ban on the production and circulation kriptovalyutnyh assets in Russia, as it became known, the reason why such a measure is introduced. This was told a representative of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Alexey Guznov. It was also announced details of the legislation governing the sector.

 The data were published in the course of an interview to “Interfax”. Since it became known that the new legislation will strengthen the regulatory ban on the production and circulation of digital currency. Guznov believes that legalization kriptovalyutnyh assets – undue risk.

 According to him, if at the forefront put the rights of consumers, as well as the integrity of the financial system, the legalization, especially the production and organization cryptocurrency cryptocurrency treatment is unnecessary risk. Therefore, these aspects clearly defined in the legislation as prohibited. To reinforce the position of the State, along with the ban will be introduced liable for breach of regulatory requirements.

 Moreover, we are also talking about a centralized termination of functioning of the organizations specializing in activities that will soon be outlawed.

 The good news is that the prohibition of possession, because of its own absurdity, most likely will not be introduced.

 The effect of the pandemic on the cost kriptovalyutnyh assets can be found in a separate article.

 Recall that on the background of falling oil prices and exchange rates revision main cryptocurrency plummeted in price. More details – here.

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